Small Business Saturday: A Model for Everyday

small town

Bash and I took the scenic way into Laceyville (population 379) today, on the way to pick up chicken feed for Bash's flock. He said, "there's not much to it---about two blocks and we're on the other side." As we drove through this little village, which was very reminiscent of the small towns in southern Ohio, … [Read more...]

Your Online Presence and an Itty Bitty Hummingbird

Young Hummingbird Hovering

Everyone is talking about Google's latest algorithm change, code named Hummingbird. This tiny little bird is out to change the way search works, so that it's more in line with the way humans think and talk. "Will it work?", I asked myself. After all, we've spent years searching online for things, using brief … [Read more...]

The #1 Reason Veterinarians Should Use Social Media

Google Plus

We all know we should be using social media for our veterinary practices, but the question is: Why? What's the purpose, and what can you expect from social media? Last week, I reached out to veterinary professionals on Twitter and posed the question, "What's the number #1 reason DVMs should be using social … [Read more...]

Being Social Matters in Business

You have a veterinary practice, and you want it to succeed. The bad news? You have to attract business through marketing. The good news? Today, it's easier than ever with social media and websites. Your website should be the foundation of your practice's online presence. Make it your home base and use … [Read more...]

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